The first quarter of the year is always a busy period for us as many companies approach the end of the financial year and have money available for either training or if their annual refreshers are due to be trained.  Either way, it is a good time for us albeit extremely busy.  Now, the vast majority of our Fire Warden Training is delivered in-house, where we come to you and deliver this training.  You benefit in a couple of ways, namely, your staff generally prefer to be trained in the comfort of their own workplaces, where they feel comfortable and are familiar with those around them. Secondly, your staff return to work immeadiatly following the training ensuring productivity is resumed and finally you don’t have the additional travel costs associated with open courses.  However, you, like other smaller organisations, may not have the amount of staff to warrant an in-house course to be run at your location and have no alternative but to send staff on to an open training course and we find that this is normally courses such as our HSE First Aid at Work Courses that we run or the HSE Emergency First Aid at Work Training Courses.  Recently, we have run these courses in South East London and Central London very successfully and furthermore a Paediatric First Aid course in Sussex.  So, if you need to book an in-house Fire or First Aid Training Course, please get in touch..