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Archive for June 11, 2012

Fire training, the do’s and don’ts

In conjunction with our First Aid Training hints and tips, we would like to offer you similar with some do's and don'ts with regards your fire safety and over the coming days and weeks we aim to offer many of the basics that are sometimes ommitted and left to chance!  If you have

First Aid made easy – Hints and Tips!

Over the next few weeks we aim to post a few blogs highlighting just how easy, with the correct training, First Aid can be for the lay person.  During these blogs if you have any questions, please contact us. Communication and Casualty Care During First Aid Whilst carrying out any first aid training,

What is Emergency Life Support Training

Emergency Life Support First Aid Training is fast becoming a much sought after training session that allows companies to teach their staff the basics of how to save a life with basic and easy to understand techniques. These ELS training sessions cover the primary and secondary assessments and how to place your