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Archive for May 25, 2011

Good Samaritan kids denied life-saving skills by Westminster

Over half of kids (60%) are powerless to help someone who has collapsed in the street despite three quarters (73%) wanting to be able to help, our new survey results reveal. Working with Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK), we're calling on the Government to change the National Curriculum in England to ensure all students are taught Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills which would help save a life. The survey also revealed overwhelming support from both teachers and parents for children learning ELS. More than 4 in 5 teachers (86%) believe it should be taught at school and 70% of parents agree. This is about giving students the skills that make a difference in an emergency

HSE provide new leaflet on First Aid

The HSE have provided a new leaflet regarding Basic advice on First Aid at Work and this leaflet contains basic advice on first aid for use in an emergency.  It is not a substitute for effective training.  However, it is an excellent read and covers all of the relevent areas.  Click on the

Fire safety in the home – a quick guide

Follow these simple, inexpensive tips to prevent fires in your home. You can also get free advice from your local fire and rescue service. This can help you and others to get out quickly and safely if a fire does break out.

Fit a smoke alarm and test it regularly

  • fit smoke alarms on each level of your home – it’s the simplest step you can take to cut the risk of dying as a result of a fire in your home
  • test the batteries in your smoke alarm every week and change them every year - never remove them apart from when replacing them