Here at Advanced Training Solutions we always like a challenge!  So when we were approached by Tideway School in Newhaven, East Sussex to help them train some year 10 pupils in First Aid a challenge was born!  What they need is not just a handful of pupils trained but a whole year; some 133 pupils in one day!  The other slight issue is that there is no funding to pay for this training but they are able to make a donation to our choesen charity, should we be able to help out.

The logistical problems associated with this training will be instructors!  We would need a minimum of 8 instructors to complete this training professionally and in the alloted timescale, so the next challenge would be to get the instructors to donate their free time to assist us with this challenge!  No mean feat given the current climate but as all of our instructors are either current serving or ex serviceman from the RAF, we were confident that in aid of Help 4 Heroes they would gladly donate their time and go the extra mile.  Sure enough, currently we have no less than 10 trainers  prepared to help out on this challenge that takes place on the 01st November 2011 and a huge thanks goes out, in advance, to each and every one of them.

If you would like us to help out with your First Aid requirements please take a look here